Advantages of Destination Trailers – and a $3,000 Giveaway!

If you love extended vacations and enjoying a home away from home during the upcoming cool weather months, browse our destination trailers for sale. And while you’re at it, enter to win $3,000 toward the purchase of your new RV!

Destination Trailers

Destination Trailer Advantages

Many people enjoy the advantages of destination trailers – why not join them? Destination trailers allow you to relax for weeks on end in a comfortable climate. This is a perfect opportunity for retirees and young families alike. With the many changes 2020 has brought, your children might already be participating in distance and online learning. You can finally take the road trip that works for YOUR calendar since distance and online learning affords the opportunity to truly learn from any location. And it’s also a great option if you are feeling nervous about living in a Covid-19 “hotspot” and would like to retreat to a safer and more remote location.

Destination Trailers

Our destination trailers for sale accommodate families of all sizes, and can include features that give you space, comfort, and convenience – such as a loft, large bay windows, and a gourmet kitchen. Take a look at all of our destination trailers for sale here, and feel free to ask any questions. We’re ready to help you pick out the perfect destination trailer for your family!

$3,000 Giveaway

What could be better than a new destination trailer but having an extra $3,000 to offset the cost? We’re giving away $3,000 toward your RV purchase, and all you have to do is enter! You can still enter even if you’re not shopping for a new or used RV, because you can use your winnings toward RV parts in our store! Enter the contest and read the fine print here.

You Can Plan Your Retreat Today

This year has been full of “You can’t do that…” but we’re ready to change the narrative. You can start RVing, you can enjoy an extended vacation in a safe or remote location while your children are still enrolled in school (or you’re enjoying your retirement), and you can do it affordably, and with possibly an extra $3,000 off! Start saying “We can do that,” and start planning your retreat today. And we can help. So contact us today!

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