Best Tips And Tricks For Your Next RV Trip

You know where you are going.  Your camper from Vermont Country Campers is picked out and ready to go.  How do you make sure your home away from home stays neat and tidy during your trip?  Also, where do you put all of your, well, stuff?  A “few little things” has turned into quite a pile of must have items and you aren’t exactly sure where you are going to pack them.  Here are some packing tips and tricks to keep life fun and fancy free once you get there.

Too Much Stuff
When you can’t decide where to draw the line….

Organizing & Packing Tips And Tricks:

Bathroom:  Everyone needs them, but who wants ANOTHER bag to have to find a place for?  Try just setting up your bathroom before you leave!  A handy shoe organizer on the back of the bathroom door is a great answer to store makeup, shaving needs and hair products.

Pocket Organizer Bathroom
Store bottles and brushes in pockets to keep them safe when traveling.

Kitchen:  You would like to not have to eat bologna sandwiches and water on your trip, but you need supplies to make your yummy meals!  Keep your glasses safe by putting drink cozies you are already taking with on the glasses and then packing them in the cabinet.   If you want to stock your fridge before you leave, use tension curtain rods to keep everything from bouncing around and making a mess in the fridge.  Utilize nesting bowls and measuring spoons to take up less space. Need additional counter space?  Utilize a board that will fit neatly over your cooktop for additional prep space.  (Paint it black and red and have it double as a checker board!)

RV Fridge
These bars are great for the fridge and for cabinets!

Bedroom:  Get more use out of your tall RV closets by using a hanging clothes organizer.  This will allow you to stack more in a small space.  A handy mattress caddy allows you access to everything you might need, without the bulk of a nightstand.  If you can, replace your bed frame with one that has under bed drawers or places to slide under bed storage tubs.  This also eliminates the need for suitcases!

Mattress caddy
Store everything you would put on a nightstand in a handy caddy out of the way!


These are just a few simple tips and tricks to get you on the road and help keep your RV organized and mess free.  Contact us at Vermont Country Campers for any of your RV buying or service needs.  Our friendly staff may even have another trick or tip to share with you!

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