Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailers: Travel with Ease

Take a look at the beautiful Coachmen Apex Nano travel trailers for sale at Vermont Country Campers! These amazing RVs are the perfect blend of luxury and convenience to take all of the stress out of your next vacation. With design features both inside and out, you are sure to love every area!

Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailer
Take a look at our Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailers!

Lightweight Frame

One stressor that the Apex Nano will take care of is the stress of towing. The innovative design keeps the weight down without sacrificing the quality of the RV, so pulling it will be a breeze. It will glide down the road easier, and you’ll barely feel that it is even behind you. So you can travel to and from your destination without feeling like you are carrying a giant load along.

Exterior Features

Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailer Storage
The large pass through storage space makes room for everything.

On the outside, you’ll find amenities to make this Coachmen travel trailer more functional. The large pass-through storage space will create more room for all of your belongings like suitcases or lawn chairs, so you never have to leave anything behind. There will even be an area prep for solar panels for those people to like to get off the grid or who just want a backup if they were to lose power in the campground.

Interior Design

Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailer Interior
Get everything you need including some floorplans with a set of bunks!

As soon as you step in the Coachmen Apex, you will immediately see why so many people love this RV. The curved ceiling provides more headroom and will make the interior feel even larger. This spacious design makes room for everything you need to live stylishly and comfortably. You’ll have a full kitchen and bathroom as well as numerous sleeping options including a master bed, convertible dinette and sofa, or even a set of bunk beds to make room for each person in your party.

Our Coachmen Apex Nano travel trailers are lightweight, easy-to-tow models with all of the essential RVing amenities you could want to take away the stress of travel. To learn even more about these beautiful RVs, you can contact us or simply come down to our location to take a look at them for yourself.

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