How To De-Winterize Your RV

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It’s that time of year. You know what we’re talking about. The birds are starting to chirp, the snow has melted away and you’re itching to hitch up your RV and hit the road. Before you do that, though, you need to ensure it’s in tip top shape for spring RVing. This includes de-winterizing it. Now, you can do this yourself or stop by our dealership for 20% off de-winterization!

De-winterizing your RV requires two things. First, you need to rid your system of any anti-freeze and second you need to sanitize the water system so it is safe to drink and use.

Let’s start with flushing anti-freeze from your plumbing system. If you added non-toxic anti-freeze to your fresh water tank start by draining it and adding in fresh water. You can do this by turning off by-pass mode, however, if you don’t have a by-pass you can simply use a bucket to drain it. Turn on your water pump to run that fresh water through the system and turn on all faucets to flush the water through all pipes. It’s recommended you do this a couple times. Keep in mind the water with anti-freeze will now be in your grey and black holding tanks, which will also need to be emptied.

Now that you’ve flushed the anti-freeze from your plumbing system the next thing you have to do is sanitize it. Add 1/4 cup of bleach for each gallon of water your tank holds. Mix the bleach and a gallon of water in a separate bucket and pour it in your tank. Once your tank is filled with the bleach and water solution, turn on all your faucets and ensure the solution gets through all lines. Turn off the water and let the solution sit for a good 12 hours. After 12 hours you’ll want to empty your tank and refill with fresh water. Run the water through until you no longer smell bleach.

Now that your plumbing system is taken care of, you can pay attention to other parts of your RV that need to be taken care of.

Battery | Check your battery for any corrosion. For every month an RV is in storage it can lose up to 10% of charge. Before heading out, give your battery a complete charge.

Interior | Give the interior of your RV a good scrub. Open the windows to air it out, clean your appliances including the refrigerator and stove. Make it a place you’d be excited to spend time in.

Exterior | The exterior of your RV can take a beating over the winter. Inspect it for any corrosion or openings. Give it a thorough washing, which also allows you to look for any dents or scratches.

Need help de-winterizing your RV? Get in touch with our service team to schedule an appointment today. We’re open from 8am-4pm.

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