Homeschooling in Your RV: Combine Your Kids’ Education with Travel!

As the 2019-2020 school year came to a close, families nationwide found themselves navigating virtual learning with their kids. And as the 2020-21 school year approached, many of those same families have contemplated different options. One popular option is road-schooling – or, homeschooling on the road.

Homeschooling in Your RV

The Era of Virtual Learning

Every form of education has its own pros and cons, and virtual learning is no exception. Teachers nationwide should be commended for how they’ve navigated the transition to online education for students. While the lack of in-person contact and educating can be frustrating, many families are also enjoying the time together that school from home affords.

Different virtual education programs offer a variety of scheduling options, as well. Some families in our area enjoy being able to complete all of their online assignments in 2-3 hours each morning and have the rest of the day free, while other families say their scheduling resembles a routine school day and runs from approximately 8-3 each day.

Homeschooling in Your RV

And some families have discovered that homeschooling – where they can pick and choose their own curriculum and teaching format – is easier to juggle than simply schooling from home along with the virtual classroom.

The Flexibility to Travel

The fluid format afforded by at-home or virtual learning means you may finally have the opportunity to do something you’ve wanted to do for years: travel!

Homeschooling in Your RV


Hitting the road in your new or used RV is now an option year-round, because you can easily pack the school work and tablets/devices along with you. Homeschooling in your RV doesn’t have to be complicated. Plan to have a hot and hearty breakfast in your new or used RV, spend a couple hours working on school with the kiddos, and then explore everything there is to find around you. You can even work your camping destinations into your kids’ school studies!

Take a road trip to explore historical sites and incredible natural wonders. Enjoy a study of geology while exploring places like Mammoth Cave, the Grand Canyon, or the Rocky Mountains. Learn about hydrothermal activity while at Yellowstone National Park. Or learn about our nation’s government branches while visiting Washington DC.

Homeschooling in Your RV

Whether you are homeschooling in your RV by picking your own curriculum and teaching format, or doing virtual school from home/RV, you can finally enjoy epic road trips year round – which also allows you to travel in the off season and get better rates at many places!

Contact us if we can help you make the dream of shopping for a new or used RV come true – then you can hit the road while your kids hit the books!

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