How to Read RV Manufacturer Tags: Get The Most Out of Your RV!

If you’ve ever been confused looking at the manufacturer’s tag on a new or used RV – we can help simplify it and make it easy to understand what information you’re looking at! An RV’s manufacturer tag offers loads of helpful information that you’ll definitely want to know, whether you’re in the beginning stages of shopping for a new or used RV or understanding different weight ratings. We compare the difference between RV manufacturer tags on motor homes and towables in our video here, and explain it below, so check it out!

Motor Home Manufacturer Tags

You’ll generally find two tags on your new or used motor home. One will be right on the driver’s door and it contains chassis information, including the following:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Manufacturer
  • When/where it was made
  • Chassis specific information

How to Read RV Manufacturer's Tags

You’ll find a second tag on the body, or box, of your motor home and this is the manufacturer tag for the box portion of the motor home.

How to Read RV Manufacturer's Tags

This tag includes these details:

  • Serial number for the box portion (note that on motor homes, you have both a VIN for the chassis and a serial number for the box)
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) – this is how much weight your axles can take on a maximum load
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) – is what your motor home weighs with no cargo packed whatsoever, including fuel, water, or people
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) – the amount of weight you can safely handle on the road
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity – this is the amount of weight you can add to the motor home

Now, it’s important to understand these numbers and what they mean. To determine and calculate your cargo carrying capacity, you’re going to follow this little math equation:


In other words, start with your motor home’s GVWR, subtract its UVW, and your cargo carrying capacity will be the difference. Please note that this number is approximate and may not be an exact figure – so contact us to make sure you’ve calculated the figure accurately. For safety’s sake, you should never exceed the CCC.

Towable Manufacturer Tags

Similarly to the manufacturer tags on your motor home, your towable’s manufacturer tag (whether you’re hauling a travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, etc.) will include the following weight ratings and capacities:

  • UVW
  • GVWR
  • GAWR
  • Cold and hot water tank capacities

You’ll also find information on your towable’s tires, including these specifics:

  • Tire size
  • Rims
  • Cold inflation pressure
  • PSI on tire fill and dimension
  • Loading information

A towable’s RV manufacturer tag also includes the VIN, the model, and the manufacturing date and location. You may, like some customers, notice that there’s a difference between the manufacturing date and your model year. A quick and transparent explanation on that is that RVs are being built a couple months in advance. So, a 2021 model that’s available for purchase in January may well have been assembled 3 months prior in 2020.

The RV manufacturer tag on your towable will be on the front left (driver’s side) of your RV:

How to Read RV Manufacturer's Tags

You can also check out our Tech Tip Tuesday video where we explain this in a bit more detail. Have more questions? If you need extra information or help understanding what’s on your RV’s manufacturer’s tag, contact us today!

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