Our Top 10 Best RV Apps to Have While Traveling

Gone are the days of having only a road atlas to keep you company, and a roll of quarters to use a pay phone should you find yourself in a road side emergency. The digital world has transformed the way we travel, and everything from pit stops, restaurant recommendations, and sight-seeing is an app click away. As you’re packing your new or used RV, make sure your phone or other mobile device is ready and loaded with some of the best RV apps. These are some of our favorites, and most are free. Search for them in your app store and get ready to hit the road!

Best RV Apps


On the Road

Almost everyone has Google Maps, but another great traveling app is Waze. You get real time updates about delays, accidents, construction or any other road block, making the navigation go smoothly.

Best RV Apps

Want the cheapest gas price? Get the the GasBuddy app. You can search and compare the gas prices within your proximity so you don’t overpay at the pump. This is one of the best RV apps for saving some serious money.


Overnight Stays

The Overnight Parking Finder app helps you by providing locations and directions to nearby Walmart stores with parking lots you can stay in overnight. Plus, it also locates Redbox locations, so you can do a quick shopping trip, overnight stay, and movie night all in one.

Look up commercial RV parks using the RV Parks and Campgrounds app. The database sorts the parks and campgrounds based on ranking, so finding a nice campground isn’t a toss up, which is what makes it one of the best RV apps in our book.


Weather, Safety, and Convenience

Access current conditions, the Doppler radar, severe weather alerts, forecasts, and more with the WeatherBug app. It’s reliable, accurate, and comprehensive, making it a must-have while you’re on the road.

One of the most helpful apps an RVer needs is the Sani Dump app. It provides you with a map and hours of operation and price information about the closest RV dump site.  Having quick and reliable access to a dump site makes this one of the best RV apps to have on your device.

Best RV Apps

Crossing state lines? Then you need the State Lines app. You can look up the differences between state laws as you travel that pertain directly to you, from holding your phone while driving to sleeping at a rest stop.

Food and Fun

Love to scrapbook? You’ll want Trip Journal, which creates a virtual scrapbook for you along the way. Add photos and notes as you go, pinpoint your locations on a map, and enjoy flipping through your memories later. This is a great app for organizing those memories, photos, and events for me!

I’m a fan of national and state parks, so the Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder app is a great tool. Search by activity (like hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, etc) and location, and enjoy making new discoveries.

Going places? Get the Around Me app. Search by category from movie theaters to ATMs to restaurants, and the Around Me app will show everything within that category. It’s no wonder it took Time Magazine’s Best iPhone App Award! It’s also available for Android, which makes it one of the best RV apps for any user.


What are some of your best RV apps that you can’t live without? Contact us today if your family is needing to upgrade your new or used RV. Everyone has unique traveling needs and preferences. Thankfully, there’s an app – and an RV – for that.

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