RV Tips to Save Time, Space, and Money

Getting ready to hit the road in your new or used RV for your camping trip summer adventures? Here are some great RV tips to help save time, space, and money so you can make the most of your vacation.


Save Time

Save time by scouting out the local activities in advance. If you’re headed into a National Park, do some online scouting of different landmarks you’ll want to see. If you’re visiting a theme park or zoo, take a look at the park map and form a loose plan of the attractions and exhibits you want to see.

RV Tips
Visiting the beach or historic town? There are always plenty of local things to do and enjoy. The key to not wasting time is to know what opportunities you have in front of you before you even arrive, from shopping to dining to sight seeing. If your RV is a motor home, find out what you can about parking availability so you don’t find yourself without parking.


Save Space

Even if you have most of your vacation days filled to the brim with fun and adventure, plan to have game and movie nights in your RV at the end of the day – or as a back up during days when the weather cancels your plans. Space in your RV may be at a premium, so leave the DVD cases at home and keep all of your DVDs stashed in one binder with CD sleeves, or – even better – plan on streaming your favorite shows and movies while enjoying the entertainment system in your new or used RV. Or pack along one or two brand new board games after doing some research for new games to hit the market.

RV Tips

Whether you opt for classic and traditional or cooperative board games – where everyone wins or loses together –you’ll love making family memories.


Save Money

Not everyone travels during the summer! For example, if you’re a homeschooling family, retired, or have flexible vacation days at work, consider traveling in the off season. You may find that many of the places you’d like to visit offer off-season specials and discounted rates. Establishments may offer weekday specials or half-off admission after a certain hour in the day. Taking advantage of discounted rates is a fantastic way to save money and pocket the difference!

RV Tips


What are some of your own tried and true RV tips for saving time, space, and money while on the road? Drop them in the comments below. We’d love to hear what RV tips work for you! And if you have the whole vacation planned but only lack the RV, contact us today. We can help you find the perfect RV for your family!

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