Take a Summer Lighthouse Tour in Maine!

Saltwater fixes a multitude of problems, so pack your bags for a beautiful trip to the sea in Maine! Almost all of the state parks in Maine welcome RV campers (except for Warren Island), and it’s a beautiful, rich state to explore and enjoy. One of my favorite tours of Maine has included the iconic lighthouses. Learn more below about which state parks to stay at that are best for a lighthouse tour and start planning your trip today!

Lighthouse Tour

Pick a Park

Maine.gov offers a user-friendly navigation system to find a park that’s perfect for your family. Click here to explore those options for RV camping in Maine. You’ll find campground maps coded by size and space restrictions for campsites so you’ll know right away if it accommodates your new or used RV.

Lighthouse Tour

You can check out the available dumping sites, availability of electric/water hookups, and other campground amenities. Finally, under “Find a Park,” you can explore which state parks are available, and even narrow your search by the activities you’re interested in.

Quoddy Head State Park

Quoddy Head State Park is home to one of the most iconic lighthouses in Maine to visit! West Quoddy Head Light is Maine’s (and the United States’) easternmost lighthouse. Your views will look out over Quoddy Channel – dividing Canada and the States) and see the beautiful red cliffs of Grand Manan Island over in New Brunswick.

Lighthouse Tour

And speaking of views, Quoddy Head State Park is perfect for wildlife watching from whales to birding opportunities. Summertime whale watchers might see humpback, minke and finback whales, and birds from Purple Sandpipers to Ruddy Turnstones can be seen as well. Of course, migration seasons will afford all new species to observe!

Lighthouse Tour

Maine is home to more than 60 historical lighthouses, all unique and with beautiful photo opportunities. You can learn more about their locations here, and plan a beautiful and scenic driving tour through this gorgeous state, stopping at small RV parks, larger state parks, or even a quick overnight at a Walmart parking lot before heading out again the next morning! Maine is a truly gorgeous state, especially in the summer, and a summer lighthouse tour is a perfect, relaxing late summer vacation for you to enjoy. Start planning your trip in your new or used RV today and contact us if we can help get you on the road!

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