Which RV Should You Choose? Here are the Top 3 Benefits of a Fifth Wheel

Why choose a fifth wheel? If you’re thinking about getting a fifth wheel and want to see how they compare to other types of RVs, check out the benefits of a fifth wheel below. Lots of people choose and enjoy fifth wheels for all of their camping and vacations, and you might be one of them! Here are some of the top benefits of a fifth wheel.

Benefits of a Fifth Wheel

More Space

Benefits of a Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheels typically include slide outs, and usually multiple slides at that. This gives you a substantial increase in floor space. They also tend to have higher ceilings, and often lofts, so you can make use of every cubic inch.  Because you have so much more space, you’ll find that that you gain bedroom and bathroom privacy as well. Many fifth wheels include a bath and a half or even two full baths, and sometimes more than one private bedroom or a bunk house.

Benefits of a Fifth Wheel

Easy to Tow & Towing Stability

A fifth wheel attaches to the bed of the truck with a gooseneck hitch, providing you with extra towing stability. In comparison, travel trailers may be more prone to swaying since they are attached with only a rear hitch. The benefits of a fifth wheel are also that it decreases the overall length of what you’re towing, because several feet of the fifth wheel overlap with the truck bed. To put this into perspective, a 30’ travel trailer will be a full 30 feet of towing length. A fifth wheel of the same length may overlap by 4 to 5 feet, giving you a towing length of as little as 25 feet.


Economically Sound

Let’s face it, if your motor home is in need of engine repair, your entire RV is out of commission. The benefits of a fifth wheel mean that you can still enjoy camping even if your usual towing vehicle is in the shop. Also, once you park it, you are free to disconnect your towing vehicle and get around with that. Again, driving a motor home means that you either drive the RV every time you need to go anywhere, or you tow an additional vehicle behind the RV to your destination.


Every family has different camping needs and preferences, and we can help you pick out a new or used RV that’s perfect for you. You can shop our full inventory of fifth wheels for sale, and contact us if you have any questions! We’re ready to help you start enjoying the benefits of a fifth wheel!

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